Thursday, March 22, 2012

Win a Free Copy of the JBoss ESB Beginner’s Guide

Hey everyone – Packt Publishing just announced a contest for (3) lucky followers of this blog to win a free e-copy of JBoss ESB Beginner’s Guide.

Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winners.

With the JBoss ESB Beginner’s Guide, you can learn how:
  • To Develop your own service-based applications, from simple deployments through to complex legacy integrations
  • Services can communicate with each other and the benefits to be gained from loose coupling in a Service Oriented Architecture
You can read more about this book and download a free sample chapter here:

How to Enter?
Head on over to the book page at Packt, read through the product description of this book and drop us a line via the comments section stating what interests you the most about this book and about JBoss ESB. It’s that simple. 
Here’s the product description for the book:


karim duran said...

I'm very interested by this book JBoss ESB Beginner's Guide because of the following sections :

1)Build custom JBoss ESB applications with JBoss ESB’s out-of-the-box actions or your own action code

2)Use a service registry to provide access to your services and store and access your metadata

In my opinion, JBoss is the best AS i know. Using ESB layer on it is very important for me.

Karim Duran

Fábio Chicout said...

My reasons:

* Use other JBoss open source projects such as the JBoss AS and JBDS with JBoss ESB to create, deploy, and administer services

* Install, configure, administer, start and stop the JBoss Application Server (AS) and then deploy JBoss ESB onto JBoss AS.

Alexius Diakogiannis said...

As a Packt fanatic it is a big opportunity to study ESB for my project. Plus we swiched to JBoss for app server the past year so this is the perfect combo for me.

Jamie said...

We are looking to replace an aging ESB system built on JBoss 4, and I believe JBoss ESB would be a good fit. I'd like to know more about it from a greenfield point of view.

Heikki said...

I am intrested this book because it shows "how to create new applications or to integrate combinations of new and legacy applications." with JBoss ESB

dhartford said...

Although I have some ESB layers, I'm actually quite interested in the larger 'EAI' approach of enterprise application integration of services, particularly between various notifications and retrieval of datasets then putting those datasets *either* through an ESB or using an EAI to hook to an ETL for file/batch data processing. (And yes, I would be interested in the book for both ESB as well as EAI).

Herter said...

For me it is mostly these reasons:

"Build custom JBoss ESB applications with JBoss ESB’s out-of-the-box actions or your own action code"

"The JBoss ESB Beginner’s Guide shows you the tools you can use to build re-usable and maintainable service-based applications with JBoss ESB, and teaches you by example how to use these tools."

Last, by not least.. This is the only book which focuses on JBoss ESB and therefore is a MUST for ESB developers

Tech-Net said...

I'm very interested by this book because I'll use it in my master degree dissertation.

admin@eprojects said...

Its look very interesting. I specially like following topic

Build custom JBoss ESB applications with JBoss ESB’s out-of-the-box actions or your own action code

with more examples


kenshin himura said...

I'm interested in the topic
"Use a service registry to provide access to your services and store and access your metadata"

kenshin himura said...
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Unknown said...

It is a well written tech book with enough examples and explanations. However, I am not sure if the JBOSS 7.1.x WildFly and the steps shown in this book will work well enough for a newbie.

This book does not cover the EAP or the JBOSS WildFly.

Unknown said...

We are implementing Jboss ESB in our upcoming project and this would help us in gaining some knowledge

Alex Gouvea Vasconcelos said...

I'm getting start with ESB and it looks the right source to reduce my questions.

Nagendra Reddy said...

Thank you for chance it is useful for my jboss training

Dim4ksan said...

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