Monday, February 16, 2009

CICS integration with JBossESB

We've been working with LegStar to integrate CICS through JBossESB. InfoQ has recently published an article on the subject, so check it out if you're interested in this situation.


erics said...

Wow, that is a flash from the IBM past!

CICS + SOAP + messaging/transformation + ESB, amazing.

Like creating subway tollgates for dinosaurs. They should be dead but now at least they can get to work! ;-)

PS. Just a joke, don't need COBAL flamers to unite on this one.

Mark Little said...

rofl :-)

Jack said...

Marc -

If you are interested we have a full working implementation with ESB and CICS WebServices & MQ with auto generated CICS actions in ESB.

PS. looking forward to seeing you at the next JBoss CAB.

Anonymous said...

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