Saturday, May 31, 2008

JBossESB 4.3 is released

In case you hadn't noticed, the team released JBossESB 4.3. This is the first community release since the SOA Platform came out and contains many of the great features available there, including InVM transport, Smooks 1.0 support, more BPM specific quickstarts, performance improvements, support for the SOA Software registry as a replacement for jUDDI and many many more. But most of all this version has had much more stress testing applied to it. So if you're using an earlier version of JBossESB then we recommend you give this release a try!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Come meet us at JavaOne

As well as having a presence in the Pavilion, we're presenting at a couple of sessions this year. The first is a panel session around SCA/OpenCSA standardisation efforts and the second is a BOF on OSGi and SOA (very relevant to our ESB 5.0 architecture). If you're around and just want to say 'hi', come on over.

Something I forgot to mention earlier, but we were also represented on the Program Committee for JavaOne this year: a interesting experience and definitely something to repeat if possible.