Friday, October 31, 2008

SOA Platform 4.3 is released!

We're pleased to announce that version 4.3 of our SOA Platform has just been released. We've made quite a few improvements since the first release, including closer integration with JON to provide runtime governance of services, improved Web Services support, better performance, reliability etc. SOA-P 4.3 GA is based on JBossESB 4.4 CP1, so you can grab the source from the repository. As always, give us feedback so we can improve it even more in subsequent releases!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wise as a JBoss project

We've been working with the Wise project for a while and it's offered us some really nice capabilities. So it's with great pleasure that I can now announce that Wise has moved to become a JBoss Project. Welcome to the entire Wise community! I'm sure we've all got great things ahead!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Evaluating & Getting Started with JBoss ESB

I am personally a learn by example, learn by demonstration kind of person. I prefer to see the technology running before I'm willing to invest time into downloading it, reading the documentation and trying it out. The following items offer a great introduction into the capabilities of the JBoss ESB. Please review them and if you have questions get after us in the online forums.

1) jBPM and ESB 4.2 Demo:
A Flash-based recording of just the demonstration portion of the Apr 17th webinar. This is your best starting point if you only have 17 minutes for an immersion into SOA the JBoss way. This demo includes the Spring AOP trick of "eavesdropping" (aka wiretap) on the JPetstore so that the order is routed through the ESB and into a jBPM process which orchestrates the services & manages the human tasks. Drools handles the business logic and Smooks takes care of the XML to POJO transformation. We even show a bit of the JBoss Tools project which has an jboss-esb.xml editor.

2) ESB 4.4 and SOA Platform 4.3 - Deep Dive Webinar
(Oct 2 2008)
This presentation focuses on what's new and cool in the latest versions of JBoss ESB and has live demonstrations of:
- multi-language scripting: a service created via JRuby, Jython, Beanshell, and Groovy
- an Excel spreadsheet for service business logic (decision tables from Drools)
- a declarative model for Web Services & XSD validations, including Visual Basic.NET consumption
- a declarative model for service security based on JAAS
- JBoss Operations Network (JON) management & monitoring tools which now available at:
Note: Some of these demonstrations require the use of trunk in the JBoss ESB SVN.

3) ESB 4.2 & SOA Platform 4.2 - Deep Dive Webinar
(Apr 17 2008)
SOA: Serivce Oriented Agility - this session introduces the IT challenges that SOA and an ESB address and focuses on the demonstration of how jBPM, Drools & JBoss ESB can be used synergistically to create a service oriented and agile solution. The demonstration portion is same as above, however, there is valuable content in the general presentation and Q&A session.