Thursday, August 23, 2007

Service Clustering

In mission critical systems it is important to design with redundancy in mind. JBossESB 4.2.GA will be the first version with build-in fail-over, load balancing and delayed message redelivery to help you build a robust architecture. When using SOA it is implied that the Service has become the building unit. JBossESB allows you to distribute service instances across many nodes. Each node can be a virtual or physical machine running one or more instances of JBossESB. In this article it is shown how you can go about setting up Distributed Services, Protocol Clustering, Fail-over, Load Balancing and Message Redelivery.



joakim said...

Thanx for a nice article.

Although I found a typo (busidref value):
<jms-listener name="helloWorld2" busidref="quickstartFtpChannel2" maxThreads="1"/>
Should be:
<jms-listener name="helloWorld2" busidref="quickstartJmsChannel2" maxThreads="1"/>

/ Joakim

Mark Little said...

Nice article.

Rick said...

This has nothing to do with service clustering however hopefully you can redirect me. Would the JBossESB team like a shot at a new demo opportunity in the area of WSRM of very leading edge security trading using algorithmic order types? I see Mark Little is involved here. Just wanted to note that Red Hat joined FIX Protocol. This has to do with the new algo trading standard at FIX called FIX Algorithmic Trading Definition Language (FIXatdl) More on the new FIX standard at:

And directly at:
(includes press briefing mp3 audio and slides)

This could be a very high profile opportunity to demonstrate the value of JBossESB / LGPL software to a very large, worldwide potential audience.

I think one group is going to give this a go with BizTalk. Would be really nice to have a LGPL alternative to balance it off. The FIX Algorithmic Trading Work Group is all volunteer, and has worked for the past two years coming up with the new xml standard to be used to express these new order types. That just went to beta in August. All our work is free / open source so it would be nice to be working with the LGPL participants on demo’s of how to implement it.

I have an overview technical article that can help explain why the securities industry, which normally thrives on dedicated, low latency connections is VERY interested in WSRM and Internet for Algorithmic Trading if anyone is interested.

Rick at ITSdoc org

Mark Little said...

Rick, send me an email about this (mark.little at

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