Tuesday, May 8, 2007

JBossESB 4.2 MR2 released

We've just released Milestone Release 2 of JBossESB 4.2. This is quite a significant update for us with a number of significant changes that the team will blog about later, including:

  • WS-BPEL support: now have your BPEL processes exposed through JBossESB.

  • Web Services support through JBossWS integration.

  • More integration with EPRs for messages, such that faults and replies can be routed via the message header information.

  • Support for Oracle AQ as one of the JMS transports.

  • Some cool new quickstarts.

  • Closer jBPM integration.

If you haven't taken a look at JBossESB yet, then I'd encourage you to do so now and give us feedback. This is a community development effort, so come and get involved however you can.