Thursday, March 22, 2007

The esb archive does not end in ar.

After jar, war, ear, sar and har we now have a new type of archive called esb! An esb archive is one of the new features of our upcoming release and it packages up both your configuration and your custom code (action classes) in one neat package. The structure of the esb archive looks like:

│ └───jboss-esb.xml
├─── classes
├─── queue-service.xml

What used to be called jbossesb.xml is now called jboss-esb.xml and it lives in the META-INF directory of the archive together with the MANIFEST.MF. Your custom action classes go in the root of the archive and optionally you can add a queue-service.xml definition to bring up any Queues or Topics that are specific to this ESB package.

All the ESB libraries and property files are now consolidated into one jbossesb.sar archive and you can simply deploy the esb archives to the deploy directory. Yes archives (plural), you can deploy multiples of them!


Anonymous said...

Where do support jars go in this package structure?

I've built an ESB package that relies on some 3rd party XML that I've built into JAXB classes and packaged as two additional jars.

I'm building my ESB package using Maven 2 by telling it to build as a JAR and then renaming it to .esb.

So far, with other simpler ESBs, I've had no problems, but this particular ESB throws errors that it can't invoke methods from my JAXB classes... as if it is failing to see the jar files at runtime.

All of this works fine in test (JUnit + Netbeans 6) by the way.

I tried putting the jars in jboss/server/default/lib, in the deploy directory and even building them into a /lib directory in the esb package. What's the correct way?

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